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Search Engine Optimisation

Although it’s up to me to do all the techy ‘behind the scenes’ magic to make sure you’re website is coded correctly, it’s up to the website owner to make sure the actual content is relevant and accurate.

Google, and other search engines love quality content. I’ve put together a new page which explains how you can help…Take a look…

Best, Paul.


2 Responses to “Search Engine Optimisation”

  1. Stop Says:

    Yup, this is why any good search engine marketing pro usues a semi-auto directory submitter and DMOZ by hand for many categories….

  2. pd Says:

    Hey, thanks for taking an interest in my blog. I appreciate your comments.

    Your quite right Sir, there are many more ways of getting better results using specialist SEO providers. I don’t claim to be a SEO Marketing Pro, I’m just a web designer that uses well known SEO tricks to get ‘very good’ results. I don’t charge extra for this service so my SEO doesn’t cost the client anything extra.

    My view is that the very best kind of Search Engine Optimisation is to have good quality, well written content.

    Paul Newton.

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