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IE6 – users finally under 10%

Tuesday, March 30th, 2010

Just been looking at this months web stats. Finally IE6 (Internet Explorer version 6) usage is under 10% this month (Feb 2010). Let’s have a look…


IE6 :: 26.78%

Firefox (all versions) :: 31.1%

IE (all versions) :: 58.4%

February 2010

IE6 :: 9.79%

Firefox (all versions) :: 32.1%

IE (all versions) :: 48.7%

So that’s excellent news then. Microsoft should be worried, their market share has dropped by 10%, mainly due to competeition from Googles Chrome, Opera and Apple’s Safari. Firefox’s market share hasn’t really grown that much over the year, although it does have the largest browser market share after Microsoft.



Just working on my Blog

Friday, March 19th, 2010

Got the new logo on there, I’m trying to keep the look nice and clean, with lots of whitespace. After all a blog is for reading so the easier it is to read the better.