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Leigh Guided Busway – where is it?

Thursday, April 29th, 2010

I’ve been giving this some thought today, especially as I was stuck on the East Lancs Road this morning for over an hour.  I remember being involved with the initial research phase for the Leigh Guided Busway back in 1998. So, after 12 years where is it?

I wonder how much Co2 could have been saved if G.M.P.T.E. and the local authorities/Central Government hadn’t wasted so much time in getting a scheme (bus, rail or tram) up and running?

The town’s of Leigh, Atherton and Tyldesley are in desperate need of an improved service to and from Manchester City Centre. My preference would have to be tram, although I doubt the high-ups think town’s in Greater Manchester West are worth it.