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Network and Brew at AllGates Brewery, Wigan. 10th September 2010

Friday, July 30th, 2010

Dear All.

I’m organising a Brewery Tour (at Allgates Brewery in Wigan Town Centre) on the evening of the 10th of September. It’s £10 per head (required 3 weeks in advance), and this includes drinks and a buffet supper in the Brewery itself.

It’s a social gathering of local businesses, but it’s wise to bring along a few business cards – you never know who you might bump into! Places are limited so I need to have confirmation of bookings as soon as possible.

If you’re interested please let me know (0161 408 7999 or mail {at} and I’ll add you to the list!

For Tour details please visit :


Paul Newton.

Browser Stats June 2010

Saturday, July 24th, 2010

Just thought I’d drop in a new post to show the Browser stats for June this year.

IE6 and IE7’s share of the browser market have continued to slip (YES!) with IE8 gaining a slight increase. Firefox 3.6′ performance continues to be strong (gaining 1.17%). What’s interesting this month, is the appearance of the iPhone’s browser with a market share of 0.73%.

Now that Mozilla has finally fixed the Firefox/Adobe Flash bug (that was causing my browser to crash 3 times a day) there is no reason why FF can’t over take IE8 during the next 12-18 months.

Cheers, Paul.

Web Browsers
1 Internet Explorer 8 25.91%
2 Firefox 3.6 21.84%
3 Internet Explorer 7 12.21%
4 Chrome 5 8.56%
5 Internet Explorer 6 7.40%
6 Firefox 3.5 6.44%
7 Safari 4 3.25%
8 Firefox 3 2.86%
9 Opera 10 1.43%
10 iPhone 3.1 0.73%