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September News!

Tuesday, October 5th, 2010

Yes, another busy month at PaulDesigns, so I can’t complain – well, not too much! Let’s hope the busy spell continues throughout the rest of the year. For this month’s ‘Featured Project’ I thought I’d pick on Rab Shields, of SimpleSolutionsIFA….

Featured Project.

I met Rab last October at Business For Breakfast at the Park Inn, Leigh (God’s country – Leigh being my home town). Rab is the groups Independent Financial Advisor, and I must says he’s a thoroughly decent bloke. Earlier on this year Rab asked me to design and build a website for him and his business partner. Rab and Don wanted the website to be ‘a bit different’ to the stereotypical IFA website (so he didn’t want it to be dull and lifeless). Anyway to cut a long story short within a few weeks their website was up and running.

Simple Solutions Logo

My most recent project for Rab has been to set up a bespoke email marketing campaign for his business. You can view his last newsletter here. Rab wanted a cost effective means of keeping in touch with his customers, local businesses, Chamber Members and Networking Buddies. The newsletter is brimming with stories and articles that will interest local business owners and company directors.

On a more personal note I can also vouch for Rab because although he’s my client, I’m also a client of his – I asked him to sort my old company pension out. His approach is thorough and he always does the best for his clients regardless of what fees he might earn. So if you need an IFA I can whole heartedly recommend him. If you want to give him a call his mobile number is 07809 747 954 (and no, he isn’t paying me for this plug)!

Network & Brew.

Yes, the Network and Brew event on the 10th of September was a success. In total 31 networkers supported the event and had a very convivial evening. The night started off with a bit of socialising washed down with a few pints of AllGates‘ ‘Twitter and Busted’ and ‘Napoleons Retreat’.

David Mayhall, AllGates’ Director did two tours of this fantastic micro brewery before serving supper, those still standing moved on to The Anvil for last orders.

Party Animals Phil and Hazel Donoghue (S4 ICT) and John Howarth (New Liberty) carried on supping in Leigh Town Centre!

Peter Rimmer of Fleet Dynamic pulling a pint of Napoleons Retreat.

Peter Rimmer of Fleet Dynamic pulling a pint of AllGates ‘Napoleons Retreat’.

THANK YOU to all those who supported this event.

Christmas Cards for your business.

Christmas Cards

Yes I know it’s ‘only’  September but it’s October on Friday and if you normally get individually designed and printed cards done then this is the month to do it. The more you order the cheaper they become…

  • x25 Cards £36.15
  • x50 Cards £52.90
  • x100 Cards £88.75
  • x200 Cards £163.00

These prices are based on A4 folded to A5, 350gsm stock, supplied flat (and creased) with white envelopes. There is a fixed design fee of £45.00 per design and delivery is £4.99.

To find out more please get in touch

Best time to deploy an email marketing campaign?

I get asked this quite a lot. It mostly depends on the type of people who’ll be receiving your campaign. Is it going to businesses, public sector (schools for example) or consumers?

My advice is to avoid Mondays completely. Workers tend to be very busy at the start of the week catching up and tending to enquiries received over the weekend. I’d also recommend that you avoid Friday afternoons too – for obvious reasons.

I’d say the best time to target businesses would be mid morning or mid afternoon Tuesday to Thursday. For consumers, look at your websites analytics and decide on the best time to send.

Having said all this it’s important to monitor your campaigns click rate over time to see which deployment day and time best suits your business and its campaign recipients.

To find out more please get in touch!