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Diva Web Design in now part of PaulDesigns

Saturday, April 2nd, 2011

From the 1st of April 2011 PaulDesigns welcomes all the clients of Diva Web Design, of Parbold, Wigan.

Some information about Diva Web Design.

Diva Web Design of Wigan was a full service company that specialises in customised web site design and development.
Diva Web Design built and maintained web sites for companies and individuals wishing to portray a professional image on the Internet.
Founded in October 1997, Diva Web Design had acquired a broad range of clients in a wide variety of fields.

To find out more please click here

Personalised Business Christmas Cards

Saturday, November 6th, 2010

The cut off date for designing and printing of personalised business Christmas Cards is fast approaching.

To make sure you get your cards by the 4th week of November we’ll need to sign off artwork by the 12th of November.

For more details please click here…

Thanks, Paul.

September News!

Tuesday, October 5th, 2010

Yes, another busy month at PaulDesigns, so I can’t complain – well, not too much! Let’s hope the busy spell continues throughout the rest of the year. For this month’s ‘Featured Project’ I thought I’d pick on Rab Shields, of SimpleSolutionsIFA….

Featured Project.

I met Rab last October at Business For Breakfast at the Park Inn, Leigh (God’s country – Leigh being my home town). Rab is the groups Independent Financial Advisor, and I must says he’s a thoroughly decent bloke. Earlier on this year Rab asked me to design and build a website for him and his business partner. Rab and Don wanted the website to be ‘a bit different’ to the stereotypical IFA website (so he didn’t want it to be dull and lifeless). Anyway to cut a long story short within a few weeks their website was up and running.

Simple Solutions Logo

My most recent project for Rab has been to set up a bespoke email marketing campaign for his business. You can view his last newsletter here. Rab wanted a cost effective means of keeping in touch with his customers, local businesses, Chamber Members and Networking Buddies. The newsletter is brimming with stories and articles that will interest local business owners and company directors.

On a more personal note I can also vouch for Rab because although he’s my client, I’m also a client of his – I asked him to sort my old company pension out. His approach is thorough and he always does the best for his clients regardless of what fees he might earn. So if you need an IFA I can whole heartedly recommend him. If you want to give him a call his mobile number is 07809 747 954 (and no, he isn’t paying me for this plug)!

Network & Brew.

Yes, the Network and Brew event on the 10th of September was a success. In total 31 networkers supported the event and had a very convivial evening. The night started off with a bit of socialising washed down with a few pints of AllGates‘ ‘Twitter and Busted’ and ‘Napoleons Retreat’.

David Mayhall, AllGates’ Director did two tours of this fantastic micro brewery before serving supper, those still standing moved on to The Anvil for last orders.

Party Animals Phil and Hazel Donoghue (S4 ICT) and John Howarth (New Liberty) carried on supping in Leigh Town Centre!

Peter Rimmer of Fleet Dynamic pulling a pint of Napoleons Retreat.

Peter Rimmer of Fleet Dynamic pulling a pint of AllGates ‘Napoleons Retreat’.

THANK YOU to all those who supported this event.

Christmas Cards for your business.

Christmas Cards

Yes I know it’s ‘only’  September but it’s October on Friday and if you normally get individually designed and printed cards done then this is the month to do it. The more you order the cheaper they become…

  • x25 Cards £36.15
  • x50 Cards £52.90
  • x100 Cards £88.75
  • x200 Cards £163.00

These prices are based on A4 folded to A5, 350gsm stock, supplied flat (and creased) with white envelopes. There is a fixed design fee of £45.00 per design and delivery is £4.99.

To find out more please get in touch

Best time to deploy an email marketing campaign?

I get asked this quite a lot. It mostly depends on the type of people who’ll be receiving your campaign. Is it going to businesses, public sector (schools for example) or consumers?

My advice is to avoid Mondays completely. Workers tend to be very busy at the start of the week catching up and tending to enquiries received over the weekend. I’d also recommend that you avoid Friday afternoons too – for obvious reasons.

I’d say the best time to target businesses would be mid morning or mid afternoon Tuesday to Thursday. For consumers, look at your websites analytics and decide on the best time to send.

Having said all this it’s important to monitor your campaigns click rate over time to see which deployment day and time best suits your business and its campaign recipients.

To find out more please get in touch!

August Newsletter

Friday, August 13th, 2010


Just to let you all know that my August newsletter has been deployed. You can read it in your web browser by clicking here (opens in a new window)…

Cheers, Paul.


Paul Designs Email Newsletter August 2010

Browser Stats June 2010

Saturday, July 24th, 2010

Just thought I’d drop in a new post to show the Browser stats for June this year.

IE6 and IE7’s share of the browser market have continued to slip (YES!) with IE8 gaining a slight increase. Firefox 3.6′ performance continues to be strong (gaining 1.17%). What’s interesting this month, is the appearance of the iPhone’s browser with a market share of 0.73%.

Now that Mozilla has finally fixed the Firefox/Adobe Flash bug (that was causing my browser to crash 3 times a day) there is no reason why FF can’t over take IE8 during the next 12-18 months.

Cheers, Paul.

Web Browsers
1 Internet Explorer 8 25.91%
2 Firefox 3.6 21.84%
3 Internet Explorer 7 12.21%
4 Chrome 5 8.56%
5 Internet Explorer 6 7.40%
6 Firefox 3.5 6.44%
7 Safari 4 3.25%
8 Firefox 3 2.86%
9 Opera 10 1.43%
10 iPhone 3.1 0.73%

Business card design service

Friday, June 25th, 2010

Hello Peeps!

I see a lot of great businesses in the Leigh, Atherton and Tyldesley area, and I see a lot of business cards. Sometimes the business cards aren’t as great as the businesses…

We tend to hand them in fistsfulls, after all they only cost very little. But as they say, first impressions count. I see a lot of those cheap Vista Print cards, you know – the free ones (just pay for P&P), however they tend to be cheap looking and cheap feeling (buy cheap, buy twice as they say).

PaulDesigns offers a cost effective business card design service. It costs just £39. Want a double sided business card? No problem there’s no extra design charge.

PaulDesigns also handles the printing with our selected quality partners. Just think no more laising with the printer regarding design specs! Just look at what PaulDesigns’ offers…

  • Business cards
  • Heavy 400gsm (Grams Square Metre) weight
  • Highest quality silk artboard
  • Both digital and lithograph printing available
  • Double sided printing available
  • Standard 85mm X 55mm size
  • Matt/Gloss lamination available
  • Rounded corners available

Remember, you’re trying to build your businesses brand. Don’t ruin it for the sake of a few pounds.

For prices and more information visit :

All the best,


PDF brochure design service – a great marketing tool for your business!

Monday, May 31st, 2010

PDF (Portable Document Format) is a great way of sending brochures, marketing and advertising material via the internet or email. But how is a PDF format brochure created?

Firstly I design the artwork as normal (as if the brochure is going to print). To get the artwork into PDF format it’s important to think about…

  • File size. It’s important to compress the raw file size down to an acceptable size so that it can be delivered and opened via the internet or email relatively quickly.
  • However it’s crucial not to compress the file size too much, otherwise the artworks quality will degrade – images may start to pix-elate.
  • Printer friendly. I also have to think about PDF print format – the end user should be able to print the document out in A4 format without anything being removed due to incorrect margin settings.

Have the facility to email a document to a client (instead of using a printer + post) can save a business hundreds (or even thousands) of pounds.

For an example of a PDF brochure click here

To find out more about my design for print (+PDF) service please click here…



Browser Stats for April 2010

Thursday, May 13th, 2010

The latest browser stats for April (from W3 Counter) show a continued slow decline in the use of Internet Explorer. However IE (across all versions) market share is still the largest at 46.9%.

In second place is Firefox (31.6%)
The third most popular browser is Chrome (8.0%)
Forth is Apple’s Safari (5.4%)
And the 5th most popular is Opera (2.1%)

Browsers by version

Thankfully the stats from April show that IE6 usage slipped by 0.92% over the month.

1 Internet Explorer 8 25.14%
2 Firefox 3.6 20.07%
3 Internet Explorer 7 13.47%
4 Internet Explorer 6 8.27%
5 Firefox 3.5 7.72%
6 Chrome 4 6.81%
7 Safari 4 5.07%
8 Firefox 3 3.24%
9 Opera 10 1.44%
10 Chrome 5 1.09%

Thanks, Paul.

SEO Advanced. New Search Engine Optimisation Service.

Friday, May 7th, 2010

So, what’s SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) Advanced?

SEO Advanced is a new service that aims to take your SEO to the next level. This new in-depth services involves ‘key word/phrase analysis’ which is where your content is compared with Google’s most popular search phrases. This is done on a word-by-word basis for each and every website page. You will be supplied with the most relevant and popular ‘key words/phrases’ for each page. These ‘key phrases’ can then be included in your websites’ copy for optimum SEO results. Ask for a free consultation.

View the Google Service Range…

The SEO Advanced Process…

SEO Advanced is a new service by Paul Designs. It is primarily a Key Word/Phrase research process to discover what web users are
‘Googleing’ when searching for websites like yours. During this process we’ll discover which search phrases are most likely to bring visitors
to your site. There are several steps to this process (you will be consulted throughout)…


We’ll meet up and discuss your business in detail. We’ll consider your target market; where do they live, what type of
people are they? What kind of key words and phrases would they use to find a business such as yours? During this
process we’ll make a list of key words or phrases that are important to you and your business.


Once we’ve brainstormed, we’ll be able to compile a core list of key words and phrases and categorise them to suit
your business.


We’ll now look at every key word and phrase we’ve selected and analyse how popular each one is on Google’s UK
search engine. At this point we’ll also select other similar key words and phrases that are relevant to your business.


Now we’ll be able to compile a list of our preferred key words and phrases. If necessary we’ll also re-categorise,
including any other relevant words or phrases we’ve found during the research process.


Non-relevant keywords can be removed, also key words and phrases that are extremely low search count.


How many other websites are targeting these key words and phrases that we’ve selected? We’ll rank the results into
three categories; ‘highly competitive’, ‘fairly competitive’ and ‘non-competitive’.


Now we can select the key words and phrases with the best ‘current number of searches’ , ‘relevancy to your
website’ and ‘competition level’ ratio.

To discuss search engine optimisation, or to arrange a free no-obligation consultation, contact Paul Designs today on 0161 408 7999. Email :

For Pricing please view SEO Advanced PDF Brochure

IE6 – users finally under 10%

Tuesday, March 30th, 2010

Just been looking at this months web stats. Finally IE6 (Internet Explorer version 6) usage is under 10% this month (Feb 2010). Let’s have a look…


IE6 :: 26.78%

Firefox (all versions) :: 31.1%

IE (all versions) :: 58.4%

February 2010

IE6 :: 9.79%

Firefox (all versions) :: 32.1%

IE (all versions) :: 48.7%

So that’s excellent news then. Microsoft should be worried, their market share has dropped by 10%, mainly due to competeition from Googles Chrome, Opera and Apple’s Safari. Firefox’s market share hasn’t really grown that much over the year, although it does have the largest browser market share after Microsoft.