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Browser Stats for April 2010

Thursday, May 13th, 2010

The latest browser stats for April (from W3 Counter) show a continued slow decline in the use of Internet Explorer. However IE (across all versions) market share is still the largest at 46.9%.

In second place is Firefox (31.6%)
The third most popular browser is Chrome (8.0%)
Forth is Apple’s Safari (5.4%)
And the 5th most popular is Opera (2.1%)

Browsers by version

Thankfully the stats from April show that IE6 usage slipped by 0.92% over the month.

1 Internet Explorer 8 25.14%
2 Firefox 3.6 20.07%
3 Internet Explorer 7 13.47%
4 Internet Explorer 6 8.27%
5 Firefox 3.5 7.72%
6 Chrome 4 6.81%
7 Safari 4 5.07%
8 Firefox 3 3.24%
9 Opera 10 1.44%
10 Chrome 5 1.09%

Thanks, Paul.

IE6 – users finally under 10%

Tuesday, March 30th, 2010

Just been looking at this months web stats. Finally IE6 (Internet Explorer version 6) usage is under 10% this month (Feb 2010). Let’s have a look…


IE6 :: 26.78%

Firefox (all versions) :: 31.1%

IE (all versions) :: 58.4%

February 2010

IE6 :: 9.79%

Firefox (all versions) :: 32.1%

IE (all versions) :: 48.7%

So that’s excellent news then. Microsoft should be worried, their market share has dropped by 10%, mainly due to competeition from Googles Chrome, Opera and Apple’s Safari. Firefox’s market share hasn’t really grown that much over the year, although it does have the largest browser market share after Microsoft.



Browser compatibility

Saturday, September 5th, 2009

There are so many new browsers around, and it’s important that your site looks good in all of them. To make sure of this I have the latest software available to check your website in the following browsers/versions…

  • Internet Explorer 6/7/8
  • Firefox 2+
  • Apple Safari
  • Google Chrome

Sometimes a website will not appear 100% as it should when viewed via Internet Explorer 6/7 (IE6/7) this because IE6/7 are outdated browsers using old rendering techniques.  I really don’t know why anyone still uses IE6, there are so many better (and safer) browsers available out there.  Secunia reports 142 vulnerabilities in Internet Explorer 6, 22 of which are unpatched, some of which are rated moderately critical in severity.