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Business card design service

Friday, June 25th, 2010

Hello Peeps!

I see a lot of great businesses in the Leigh, Atherton and Tyldesley area, and I see a lot of business cards. Sometimes the business cards aren’t as great as the businesses…

We tend to hand them in fistsfulls, after all they only cost very little. But as they say, first impressions count. I see a lot of those cheap Vista Print cards, you know – the free ones (just pay for P&P), however they tend to be cheap looking and cheap feeling (buy cheap, buy twice as they say).

PaulDesigns offers a cost effective business card design service. It costs just £39. Want a double sided business card? No problem there’s no extra design charge.

PaulDesigns also handles the printing with our selected quality partners. Just think no more laising with the printer regarding design specs! Just look at what PaulDesigns’ offers…

  • Business cards
  • Heavy 400gsm (Grams Square Metre) weight
  • Highest quality silk artboard
  • Both digital and lithograph printing available
  • Double sided printing available
  • Standard 85mm X 55mm size
  • Matt/Gloss lamination available
  • Rounded corners available

Remember, you’re trying to build your businesses brand. Don’t ruin it for the sake of a few pounds.

For prices and more information visit :

All the best,


PDF brochure design service – a great marketing tool for your business!

Monday, May 31st, 2010

PDF (Portable Document Format) is a great way of sending brochures, marketing and advertising material via the internet or email. But how is a PDF format brochure created?

Firstly I design the artwork as normal (as if the brochure is going to print). To get the artwork into PDF format it’s important to think about…

  • File size. It’s important to compress the raw file size down to an acceptable size so that it can be delivered and opened via the internet or email relatively quickly.
  • However it’s crucial not to compress the file size too much, otherwise the artworks quality will degrade – images may start to pix-elate.
  • Printer friendly. I also have to think about PDF print format – the end user should be able to print the document out in A4 format without anything being removed due to incorrect margin settings.

Have the facility to email a document to a client (instead of using a printer + post) can save a business hundreds (or even thousands) of pounds.

For an example of a PDF brochure click here

To find out more about my design for print (+PDF) service please click here…



A good business card…

Tuesday, September 29th, 2009

The do’s and dont’s…of business cards…

First up, don’t forget the basic information :

  • Full name, with job title/position held
  • Telephone number (landline and mobile)
  • Email address
  • Web address
  • Business address

The standard size of a business card is just 85 x 55mm so you don’t want to spoil the card by including non-essential information on the front. For just a few quid extra opt for double sided printing and use this extra space to explain your business to prospects.

Don’t forget to include your logo, essential for brand recognition!

A good quality business card features the following :

  • Heavy 400gsm (Grams Square Metre) weight
  • Highest quality silk artboard
  • Double sided printing
  • Standard 85mm X 55mm size
  • Matt/Gloss lamination

A card featuring these elements will look professional and give off the right impression. Need help with your business cards? For just £26.50 I will design your business card and get them printed at one of my approved suppliers. Turnaround time is around 5-7 working days from artwork sign-off. Postage to your door is free!

Want more information? Please see my printing services and price list (PDF Format)

Want to know a little more? Please get in touch…


Paul Newton

Printing options

Sunday, August 30th, 2009

I’ve simplified the options for printing, making it easier to mix-and-match different items and quantities.

Prices on the whole have been reduced which is great news for you lot! Also, you now have the option of lithographic printing on letterheads (when purchased in 500/1000 amounts). The lithographic process delivers a printed paper that is usable in any home printer – including lasers.

Business card options remain the same but are priced seperately (so you only pay for the options you really want) such as double sided printing (great for marketing) and matt/gloss lamination (adds the classy touch).

Want to know more – see the features and price list here (in PDF format – opens in a new window)

You can also contact me via the website for more information…!