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My email marketing, service includes templates designed to your individual requirements and affordable on-going running costs.

Email marketing from PaulDesigns...

Keeping in regular contact with your customers is critical to your businesses success. The easiest and most effective way of keeping in touch is via email.

With my email marketing solution you will be able to contact hundreds (or tens of thousands) of customers without any fuss at all. Your messages will have the design look and feel of your website so that recipients will instantly recognise your brand.

As a registered MailChimp Expert I'll be able to move your email marketing campaigns to the next level.

This email marketing design service includes...

  • Hand written HTML and CSS (never templates - your design will be unique)
  • Easy to understand pricing, choose from Professional or Professional Plus
  • Saves you time, allowing you to get on with running your business
  • No need to have a website to run email marketing campaigns
  • Low start-up/on-going costs to deploy campaigns
  • Much cheaper than snail mail (post) and you can track the campaigns performance
  • Stats with every campaign - see who opened your campaigns (and how many times they did so)
  • Track who clicked on which links in your campaign
  • Each campaign can be plugged into Google Analytics
  • Automatically Tweet each campaign
  • Fast deployment with the ability to schedule future campaigns
  • Unsubscribe's handled automatically
  • Option to have 'sign up to our newsletter' form on your website

Frequently asked questions...

Q. But how will I know if my campaigns have been successful?

A. After each campaign you will have access to the online email marketing admin portal. Here you will access detailed stats like...

  • How many emails bounced (didn't arrive)
  • How many people opened your campaign
  • Who opened your campaign (and how many times)
  • Who clicked on a link in your campaign (and which link they clicked on)
  • Who has unsubscribed to future campaigns

You will receive separate statistical breakdowns for each database that the campaign is sent to.

Checking your campaign stats is easy with MailChimp

Checking your campaign stats is easy with MailChimp.

Q. Want a managed service? OK then, what are the benefits of using an ESP (Email Service Provider)?

A. The six main reasons to outsource email marketing to an ESP are...

  1. Technical aspects are taken care of (e.g. email client compatability, SPAM filter testing)
  2. Minimise the impact on your time
  3. The legalities are taken care for you (SPAM Laws)
  4. Access the latest technology for delivering campaigns
  5. Get fully personalised, made-to-measure, fully compatible designs for your campaigns
  6. Track subscriber interest and activity

To read 'The Benefits of using an Email Service Provider' please click here [pdf 0.6mb].

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Client testimonial

I contacted Pauldesigns regarding an email marketing campaign I wanted to run. I had no experience with this type of campaign. Paul explained his prices and the process clearly without using any confusing ‘jargon’.

I contracted Paul to set up and launch our campaign. We have been delighted with the response and results achieved. Paul has answered any subsequent queries or questions efficiently. The nice thing about Paul is that he doesn’t see his clients just as a ‘cash register.’

I would be more than happy to recommend Pauldesigns.

Tony Slotwiner, Salon Director, Jazz Hairdressing (Leigh) Ltd.